Thursday, July 23, 2009

Chicken Soup For the Soul

I'm so stoked, just got the official e-mail that a story I wrote about my dear sweet Penny will be included in this anthology. I grew up reading these, they always gave me so much hope. I'm just ecstatic that now I'll be in one for kids like me to read (and adults too!)
You can pre-order this anywhere now apparently, and it's published on September 22nd. I can't wait to get a copy in my hands and see it in print, and go to every bookstore and see the name Victorya Chase in such an inspiring tome.

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Hello There! It's been a while for sure, thought I'd provide a little update.

As with all things in life, stuff happens. I did in fact have another episode, or whatever it's called now. Work got tough, life got tough, a LOT was going on and suddenly I realized I was in the spiral.

The good news? I NOTICED. I called my therapist. That's progress. Something was wrong and I could feel it.

In talking with my therapist it came out that the goal, the new goal, the forever goal I suppose is to keep the period of time between each flashback, each anxiety spiral that leaves me with stomach cramps and unable to sleep, a lot longer. And it was long. Maybe a year? While I don't hope for a next time, I will try and recognize it and hope it's very much in the far future, not near.

So Victorya Chase is back in therapy, but is back to increasing the time between sessions.

I will say there is still a big change between when I first started this blog and coming to the update. My 'Interpersonal skills' have increased. I have more people I'm closer too, which I am attributing as much to me being more open to accepting people as to others accepting me. It's so easy to say it's someone elses fault for not 'understanding you' when you close yourself off to others, which is a place I've been.

In even more news. I'm moving! I get to quit the job which is an unhealthy environment and go to a sleepy mountain town where I'll be entering grad school.