Thursday, January 31, 2008

It’s a Good Thing

When I started this blog way back when, I was in the deepest part of the dungeon of despair. But I saw the window. This let me know that there was life outside. I know I’m lucky, that some don’t even see that window and think that the damp and darkness and self hatred and confusion is all there is. But I saw the light and knew where I wanted to be which is why I called, in tears, at midnight, for a psychiatric referral. Then, I did nothing with the number and lost it because I was scared of what it said about me that I needed help. However, over a month later, I found myself after three days of crying and tortured thoughts and flashbacks realizing help isn’t something bad to ask for and called again, crying at midnight, and started regular therapy.

Goals were set. I wanted to recognize triggers, to get methods to deal with them, to discover what set me off. I wanted no more flashbacks, night terrors, to get the voice of my mother telling me how worthless I am out of my head. I wanted to stop her continued control over me. I wanted a feeling of self-worth.

Things weren’t easy. The first few sessions involved me reliving the worst moment, the one freshest in my mind, the one where a lot of guilt started – when my mother killed my cat but blamed me. I had to keep going into the memory, to stop looking in as an outsider, but begin to look out of my 12-year old eyes and remember how she was the one that performed the actions. And it's not like stuff didn't start way before then. Hell, I remember her ripping my clothes off my back and dragging me by my hair way before then. But that's the moment that stuck, especially with the whole Bobo situation.

I had to take control of my past to take control of my future.

The thing that is the worst for me is the feeling of being trapped, because I was trapped for so long. Crowds, elevators, etc., I don’t freak out but don’t like them. Then, with both feet broken, I was trapped.

I worked with my therapist for well over a year and have slept much better. In fact, the last bottle of Ambien I got, in January of 2007 was for 30 pills. I still have some left. That’s a good thing.

Anyway, during that time at home I was faced with a lot of triggers. I was mostly immobile, my mother e-mailed me, I needed to rely on other people. And I handled it. I lived through that time and saw that people can be trusted, dependable.

So now, I’m phasing out of therapy. I meet with her once in February, and then we discuss the final session. It’s a good feeling, to regain control. Just as good as when I first got the diagnosis and realized I’m not alone, and more importantly, am not crazy like my family. Sure, some things come up. Right now the news is all over the Nixmary trial. To those not informed, she’s a little girl that was killed by her parents. They abused her horribly, forcing her to use the cat litter box, constant beatings, among other things. These stories are truly upsetting, and do bring up old feelings and memories. It’s sad that such abuse continues all too often.

Another big help was this blog. I started it to help me face things, to help me face therapy. I never really thought it would get the positive reception it would, the wonderful people that would appear, converted from the binary of computer language to support and aid, both in support of my blogs and my own escape in theirs.

But for now, it’s Victorya phasing out of therapy and wondering where my life will lead. Where ever it does lead, I know I’m the one doing the leading. It’s a good thing.


Amel's Realm said...

I'm seriously trying to hold back my tears here, Vic. BRAVO for you for making the journey and having made it so far!!!!!! It doesn't end until our last breath, does it? ;-D

I'm SO glad that we can help out a bit, even though we can't really help much...I can't imagine the horror you must've been through during the first few therapy sessions.

Cheers to your taking control of your life, Vic!!! (let's drink milk HE HE)

GEE...I didn't know about the Nixmary trial, but it reminded me of such a story happening in Indo years and years back. It was even made into a big screen movie since it was really such a huge case back then. I'm SO sorry to hear about kids being abused. :-(((( *big sigh* Makes me speechless......

Kitty said...

I am amazed. You're stopping therapy after only more than a year?

Childhood abuse is so serious. The Nixmary case is horrible, truly horrible. Both parents should be snet away forever.

You know what's best for you, of course. Hear hear for the next leg of your journey!

Michelle said...

Bravo Vic! Wonderful powerful post and how you have grown.

All I can think of to add is...
Namaste! ("I bow to the spirit of Life/God within you")

Here's a blog post that I think fits your "journey"...

fishwithoutbicycle said...

You're amazing Victorya!! Your story is truly an inspiration. Best of luck continuing your journey.

Hammer said...

That's terrific! I love to read success stories like this. Very good news indeed.

CHEWY said...

Hi Victorya,
Happy Valentine's Day.
I hope all is going well.

Victorya said...

*rawr* life gets crazy when you're not, uhm, crazy I guess :D

thank you Amel! and for all your support. I still have a follow-up, and then some tapering stuff. But man, over!

Kitty - I've been in and out of therapy for a while. This one I actually paid attention too :D I saw the therapist a lot in highschool, before budget cuts thought her 'useless' and then in college, and after college as well.

Michelle- thank you so much!

Fish/Hammer - thanks! I'm happy. Gawd, it's nice to not have nightmares that leave me on the floor having thrown myself out of my bed.

Chewy - happy valentines day a bit late!

Amel's Realm said...

HUGS to you, Vic!!! I've been pretty busy these days, but I hope life's treated you kindly. Have a BLESSED weekend! I'll sleeepppp and sleeepppp on Sunday he he he he...

Amel's Realm said...

Hi, Vic!

Been missing your posts even though I've been busier than ever. :-)))

You take good care of yourself, okay?