Wednesday, January 23, 2008

What's On My Mind

I realized there are two posts I still need to make. One is the last in my feline series and then one more. Of course, today is neither of those posts. They are still swimming in my mind. Today is about yesterday.

Yesterday I had to have an endoscopy. That’s when they stick a camera down your throat to check on your stomach and esophagus and take biopsies and other fun stuff. But that’s not important either.

After the biopsy, my friend came to pick me up. The doctors told her to hold me that I might be woozy. She wrapped her arm around me and asked if I’d mind that people will think we’re a gay couple. She loves to hold hands on the street with her female friends, hug them, be affectionate in public. I told her I didn’t really give a damn. But again, not that part of the day that bugged me.

Heath Ledger died, that wasn’t good, but that’s also not what is on my poor brain. Well, it’s there, but not predominant.

Coming out of the ‘Specialty Center’ as they like to think they aren’t a hospital, my friend and I, arm in arm, watched a man get beaten by the cops. We weren’t the only ones, there were people all around.

At first, we just saw the three cops and a guy behind them, then we heard the screaming, “stop resisting arrest, stop resisting arrest” and noticed that they were billy-clubbing a guy on the ground. This man had on a hat (it was snowing yesterday) and was clutching a duffel bag tightly, he was on the ground, but not fully – more like kneeling (or being pushed as, again, three cops and a fourth guy were on top of him).

The cops kept yelling that he was resisting arrest, he was screaming, “I didn’t do nuthin!”

Then one of the cops yelled for the spray, and this guy got it about three times in the face. Enough that my friend and I could see the white foam running down as he screamed. The cops continued to yell, and one was now livid about getting some of the residual spray as apparently there is a dispersal pattern.

This was in a matter of seconds, and my friend took me across the street. We walked around the block and when we came back, there was an ambulance.

“Why do you think they need an ambulance?” she asked. “Maybe because a guy was just beaten and maced by three cops?” I replied way too snottily. Luckily, she blamed it on the time being after 4 pm and me not having eaten since 6 am.


Untreatable said...

It is nice to see an individual come out from behind the Mental Health curtain and making their journey public so others may learn from it.

heavenabove said...

Yes, thanks for inadvertently helping me to help myself. This is why I give you this award:

2007 Inspirational Award

I am also saddened to hear about your "mother" finding your whereabouts> You'll be in my prayers tonight.

heavenabove said...

P.S. Not sure if the link works properly so just in case, the award is at the bottom of my blog's post for today, Jan 23.

Victorya said...

Thank you untreatable and Heaven! Glad to hear I have helped in someway, hope all is well with you heaven. I saw you linked my penny post, *sigh* I can't beleive it's been so long since she passed!

Amel's Realm said...

Euw...that's brutal!!!! Well, I hope you're doing OK physically, though. How are your feet?

Victorya said...

Amel - I have started physical therapy, so they hurt a lot as they are being pulled and pushed and bended in all sorts of way. But, I'm walking, and will even try a session at the gym tomorrow!

Amel's Realm said...

Ahhh...I can imagine the pain since my own mother endured therapy for a while. But I'm GLAD to hear that you're walking and even going to the gym tomorrow. YAAAAAAAAYYY!!! ;-D

By the way, I'm going to start my full-time Finnish course on Feb 4th until July 10th (Mon to Fri, probably from 8.15 am till 3.45 pm), so I'm gonna blog less during that period, but whenever I have free time, I'm gonna blog-hop for sure.

The good thing is that I'll get some student money from the government during that period of time and if it's enough, I'll be able to buy a plane ticket to Indo!!!!! I MISS everybody and Indo food HE HE HE HE I'm REALLY excited about the course and the possibility of coming to Indo!!!

Anyway, have a BLESSED weekend, Vic!!! ;-D

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Ooooo wat a horrible thing to happen, and how horrible to witness it when you yourself are so wobbly and unwell. Hope you're doing ok now!


Kitty said...

holy cow.

What neighborhood was this in? I can assume it was NYC??

I saw two cops chasing and yelling at a frightened teen a few weeks ago for jumping over a turnstile. One of the cops yelled fiercely, 'That'll teach you, you m-f-er!!' over and over, along with other bleepable things.

I was shocked. Was it really necessary?

As far as what you saw, no, it wasn't necessary. I don't understand, except that perhaps these guys in blue are horribly angry people with zero empathy.

If this is what they do to unarmed fellow citizens, what would they do in real danger? I can only wonder.

I like you blog very much, btw and have been lurking for a while. Hello from a fellow NYer!