Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Here are some things I've learned in this past week:

  1. Limited Mobility Sucks

  2. The smell of Icy/Hot makes me really sick. Seriously, the headaches and nausea are not worth the limited muscle releif

  3. We put a hell of a lot of pressure on our feet. The way my palms hurt after a week on crutches, I'm pampering my feet way more in the future. They're literate, they read that and are happy.

  4. The following are dangerous to have at the same time: Free time, the internet, good credit, the Victoria Secret Clearance Catalogue with codes for the free Very Sexy Lip kit with any sweater purchase.

I went to the doctor today. They said it looks good. It reminded me of one of Chewy's paintings. There were the white cross-hatches of the cotton, then a big yellow splotch of abstract colour. Then, as the layers were peeled away a ruddy/rust brown splotch dominated, with the yellow fading away in the background (but still with the white lines throughout). Of course, that was drying blood, iodine, and the gauze. But it was vivid and had form. Once all peeled away, my poor frankenfoot was iodined yellow with purple lines (the stitches) on the side of the foot where they went in to screw the bone together. Two more weeks of crutches.

I think I aggravated the doctor. He said it looks fine and without any signs of infection. "You mean, like MRSA?" I said. He told me not to even say that word. "Oh, well, I was also thinking gangrene, or should I not say that too?" and he shot me an evil look.

"No, don't say that either."

My shoulders kill from the crutches, which keeps me from writing more than I would like.

Thanks so much for all the well wishes!


Amel's Realm said...

Hi, Vic!

Uuuugghhh...I never thought that walking on crutches would be such a pain for your palms.

Glad to hear that everything's fine. ;-D

Only two more weeks to go and you're as good as new...or probably even better than before 'coz your foot's been fixed. :-D

I can't stop smiling while reading what you said to the doctor...gangrene? LOL!!! At least you still have your sense of humour.

Well, hope it continues improving fast day by day, Vic!

I have good news...I've started making money from my blog. I'm SO HAPPY that I can finally start saving money again...I'll only get paid next month but if it keeps up, then I can have a steady income...not sure yet how much I can get per month, but for an unemployed person like me, any amount would be fine. ;-D WHOOPPEEE!!!

HAPPY THANKSGIVINNNGGG!!! Cheers to your health! :-D

Angel of Delusion said...

Ouch!! I do hope you are feeling better soon.

If you are feeling up to it, I've tagged you for a meme that I thought was a lot of fun.

It's called "What's in your bag"

Liss said...

I know first hand (okay it's been since 1989) that crutches hurt hands and shoulders. And I could navigate up and down steps on crutches but will confess that down normally involved me scooting on my tush down steps for fear of falling.

happy thanksgiving!

quacks like a duck said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I'm glad to hear that you're healing well...

Gangrene made me lol!

Take good care of yourself.


heavenabove said...

I would like to tell you something I have learned since I began reading your blog. The key seems to be "perception" and hit like a ton of bricks one day. Finally, a while ago, I realized that while I know I was being sexually abused regularly as a child, my parents did not. They only knew of the time when the abuser was finally caught in the act. I was mad at my parents all those years thinking they knew everything. I am still mad because when they did find out, they did not even ask if I was OK and then never spoke of it again. This perception wake-up has changed a lot for me. Now I have a whole new set of ideas to think about and while I am still angry about the situation, I cannot be as angry as I used to be at my parents.

Thank you for unknowingly shedding a light on my situation. Healing may take a long time but it may be just a wee bit shorter now.

CHEWY said...

Hi Victorya,
I've been distracted by my job... how dare my boss intrude on my blogging time. Ha-ha!

Good to hear everything's come clean. Dirty bandages look like one of my paintings? (rolls eyes, "How dare she?") I'm joking! Next time I find someone with a bandage I'll have to ask for a close look... for inspiration.