Monday, November 12, 2007

What Would Jesus Buy

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Not to turn this into a film blog, but I got the chance to see an early screening of this film on Sunday. This the latest film produced by Morgan Spurlock (the guy who ate a lot of McDonald’s). In it, this performance artist Reverend Billy and his Stop Shopping Choir go around the nation in a bus to preach out against consumerism. As he says, it isn't about stopping shopping completely, that is just to get people's attention. It's about shopping responsibly, realizing what you need and don't need to buy, and realizing where your goods are coming from. In light of all the recalls from China, the increasing coverage of the dehumanizing conditions of the sweatshops, among other things, it's a timely message. The rev. takes his choir to places such as Disneyland and the Mall of America to sing out their message.

To be honest I will say that the first half was funny, and then I fell asleep toward the end. It's kind of a one note movie with a message. It's not like the tension escalates, or there are escalating beats. It kind of just is what it is.

But, it's just good that it got made I suppose. I'm so sick of the commercialization of holidays, especially Christmas. I'm tired of love being tied with money and presents of increasing 'value' when really, everything depreciates in value the minute it leaves the store. I know the wise men brought Jesus gifts, but one each. I have nothing against giving gifts at Christmas, just about Christmas being only about giving ginourmous gifts and the stress and anxiety that creates.

To quote a song we had to sing in the good ol' Salvation Army:

Christmas is all about love
Love from the Father from above
Christmas is all about peace and joy-


Liss said...

did you read my holiday blog from a week or two ago? yeah I decided to go green in decorating - translation I'm not - especially where lights are concerned. And I'm not buying presents.

oh and Jesus wouldn't have bough presents, he'd have given to the sick and the poor.

Victorya said...

I read that one and liked it a lot. I used to just bake, my friends and I would get together and do a whole thing of cookies - many varieties - and give them out to everyone. Not buying decorations or presents is wonderful.

It's funny, in the movie one reverend says Jesus would buy bread for people. Only, he wouldn't. I think, more than likely, he'd provide credit counseling. Especially since Jesus was more about teaching people how to provide for themselves and others. I don't see him entering a Cosi and buying sandwiches for everyone when he can have them cut their credit cards instead.

Shrink Wrapped Scream said...

Yeah, I'm with you here. Christmas is huge around these parts. I guess I over compensate for all the Christmas' of my youth, everything now has to be perfect. But it's silly how much pressure I put on myself. Besides, it's all the kids have ever known (thanks to me), so I've rather locked myself into that trap.

I have found one way to ease the day which has helped a lot over the last few years. My two sisters and their families always spend christmas lunch with us, one set are vegitarian, the other vegan, and my lot are strict carnivores. So, what I now do

(Ah shit, this is turning in to a post all in it's own right - scrub all of the above, I'll put it in my blog!! Suffice to say, much as I moan, I'm probably the worst offender out.. smile)

Amel's Realm said...

WONDERFUL message, Vic!

That's one reason Christians in Indo don't exchange gifts at all. :-))) Plus being a minority means that they have to be low profile.

And yes, Christmas is about love and the birth of Jesus. :-))))

Michelle said...

Nice one, Victorya.

CHEWY said...

Ha-ha-ha! - excuse me Vic, Shrinky is making me laugh.

Sometimes I buy things, just to buy something. You know? Especially when I'm a bit depressed. It may not be something I absolutely need, but I'll buy it as a treat to myself.

I have tons of PEZ candy dispensers. Do they really serve a purpose? No. I just enjoy collecting them.

Victorya said...

Shrink! I can't wait to read that post.

Amel - thanks! I do feel strongly about it, mainly because I fall into the 'buying stuff' trap all the time.

Michelle- thank so much!

Chewy - I understand so much! When I get stressed I shop, or when it's a good deal. I ended up buying a couple sweaters online this week a. because I could and b. because with each sweater purchase you got a hat/scarves/glove set, then a free lip gloss, and with one a free purse and the other a free lip gloss gift set. Of course, I already have about 5 scarves, and I don't use purses, but they were free with purchase!