Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Tomorrow. . .

Is the day. If all goes well that is. I hate not having it set in stone. My doc still has to fax over the clearance forms, and the surgeons put down too different dates for my return to work (obviously, I want the later one!)

Interesting note - clearance forms require a pregnancy test. I told my doctor, "Knowing me and my beleifs, if that came back as positive, what would you do?"

"I'd start going to church a helluva lot more often."

So in the end, she said it's part of the patriarchal aspects of medicine that she hates, that they never take a women's word about her sexual encounters, or lack there of, and thus I wasn't tested. Yeah! I like a doctor that realizes I tell the truth about my body. For some reason, that whole pregnancy test thing ALWAYS offends me.

I can't eat after midnight tonight, but surgery doesn't begin until around 2 pm and I'm not expected to be able to go home until around 6! I'm hungry just thinking about it.

So, if I'm not on for a few days, it's because of the drug cocktail. (I've got sooooo many now, 3 for my stomach (but only take one of them, the others if it gets extreme), 1 for swelling and that will irritate my stomach, an antibiotic, and some codeine derivitive, plus other random stuff should these not work).


Liss said...

I'll be thinking about you and praying.

bwah! you mean i'm not the only one who looks at doctors and mutters things like 'immaculate conception'??

Victorya said...

Nope Liss - not the only one!

WereBear said...

I'll be sending good thoughts your way.

Doctors always think they know it all. Which is a dangerous way to think.

Amel's Realm said...

Hi, Vic!

Hope it'll all go well for you. Hey, I never heard of such a thing: a pregnancy test hmmmhhh...glad to hear your doctor believed you! ;-D

I'll pray for you, too and so you have a speedy recovery and some peace of mind during the recovery!!! ;-D

~Deb said...

Hey, what are you getting surgery for? I may have missed that part.

I too, suffer the dilemma of the 'pregnancy test' when I go to the gyno or some other doctor with my partner of the SAME sex. I mean, hello??? But, you can't trust every patient's response, because there are some "shady" people who do weird things behind their mate's backs or whatever. Nutha' whole can of beans...know what I mean??? Then the doctor's office can get sued for not checking. RED TAPE. Who needs it, right?

Meds. UGH! My dilemma is, I have SEVERE SEVERE cramps. (TMI? Probably.) But, I was taking 800 mg of ibuprofen, until I developed a bleeding ulcer. Nice, right? Now, what to do about the cramps.... The doc told me to go in for a shot of Toradol. Turns out---THAT'S bad for your stomach. Ran out of acifex/and other stomach meds and now I need to go to a gastrowhatever type of doc.

It. never. ends.

I'm going to throw my uterus out the window.

Or...have a sex change.

My point? I feel your pain!

CHEWY said...

I'm thinking of you Vic.

Victorya said...

were- that they do! I worked with the worst one, he'd do procedures on patients that didn't meet the criteria for survival (think, transplants for people over the age limit) because he wanted to increase the numbers of procedures he did. After seeing a patient suffering the side effects, well, one of many reasons I left that job.

Amel - Thanks! it went well, the only bugger is the diuretic effect from one of the beds (bathroom every two hours, all night!)

Deb - Yes! The stomach issues! I have pepcid, tagament, nexium, prilosec, maalox, prevacid for my stomach and need an endoscopy every two years to check on progress, and my two years is up!

Chewy - thanks :) I'm sure it helped yesterday.