Sunday, July 22, 2007

Sunday Special

I figured I do something a little different from my usual fare and take Sunday to lay back, relax a bit, and just post some photos or artwork or things I find cute.

So the pictures below chronicle an outdoors art project that some of us on another website kind of dared each other to do. We were not allowed to use any modern tools and could only use natural objects. So I'll go through steps for the creation of mine and at the end you'll see the final product. This was done over a year ago I think.

First I had to search for the materials. I found a fallen rotted tree, water reeds, and flowers as well as other petals and grass that soon rotted and some seed pods. I decided to play around so first made a giant spiral with the crushed tree:

Then I experimented with the seed pods and found a form starting to come out:

"Ah! A snail!" I thought. "I would have never thought of that!" I like to let the materials do the talking. I am just the helping hands.

So then all I had to do was give the spiral shell some decoration:

and then, voila! Herman was born:

Unfortunately, he didn't last longer than a day. But, for a while he lived and was beautiful. And all materials used were found on the ground or in the water - I didn't break off any flower or part of a tree.
Happy Sunday!


Amel's Realm said...

Hey, it's SO LOVELY, Vic!!!

You're an artistic person! ;-D

Digital Flower Pictures said...

Very creative, snail. I always look to my artwork to calm me down and make me forget about the 'real' world for awhile. It usually works. I hope it does for you.

fishwithoutbicycle said...

That's impressive. Beautiful!!

Victorya said...

Ah, thanks! I liked it, it was a fun calming thing to do down by the waters edge, just me and nature.

Chewy said...

Hey, that's really, really a cool project. If you ever hear of another group project like that please let me join in.

Victorya said...

Chewy - it was at They are primarily photoshop but have a multimedia section. After 5 stars you can do your own art project and get people involved. That's where I did it.

Michelle said...

I love him.

i also love the idea of "biodegradable, natural art. :-)

GW said...

Hi, Victorya. I was doing a Google search for spiral seed pods and your blog came up with this entry. I just have to pop in and say how much I enjoyed reading about your all-natural art challenge and I think your snail turned out great! I hope the road is a good one for you, some year or so later. Best of health to you! :)