Monday, August 13, 2007

It's Final Day!

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Ugh, being a student in Accounting is no fun, no siree. But it was part of the conditions of my promotion at work, and as long as I get a C or better, they pay for the course. They even paid for the text book (which was a horrendous $150. Why do companies insist on ripping off those with the least money?)

There's actually a little backstory here. I would have been finished with this class already if not for one little thing - the original teacher was an idiot. That's being mean, I know. But a bunch off us started off in this course with another teacher. That teacher, well, he would never commit to an answer because he was too afraid to say someone was 'wrong' thus he kept on about how in accounting there can be multiple answers. Made some of us wonder if he taught the Enron folks. But our biggest complaint besides his inability to commit to any one answer was that he spent three -four weeks on one chapter that we had all completed in a prior semester, and we told him that. Then we told the dean that (there are no refunds after a couple classes have passed). The next week we moved on but the week after that he went right back to that chapter he seemed to have a love affair with.

This got me quite mad as I figured in the next class (which builds on this one) I'd need to know stuff we just weren't covering. I called the school back and they said that they could transfer me into the next section, which would be an accelerated course. I liked the time line of the one I was in because it met once a week after work and didn't coincide with anything. The next course met two nights a week for 3 hours(each night) for a total of 6 weeks. It also happened to be the same 6 weeks I had to teach my weekend course.

I took this option, knowing it would hurt for these six weeks, but also knowing I needed to get the class done and in a timely manner. The school told me to make sure the class I was in knew of their offer - a third joined me in the new class and I think others took the option to wait until the next semester.

That is why my final is today, and I have to get back to studying, and I will return to regularly scheduled programming tomorrow. It's hard to learn so much in so short a time, especially when I'm not overly interested in it.


Amel's Realm said...

Ah, yeah, it IS hard to learn something that you're not interested in.

$150 book? YIKES!!!!! *shocked*

Accounting, eh? That was one reason I took English literature at the uni though some of my High School friends thought I could be a good accountant. No, thank you very much he he he...LOL!!!

My Dad used to be an accountant himself for several companies and thus my Mom advised me not to be one. I have NOTHING against accountants, mind you! I'm just not into it. ;-D

Glad you can go back to your regular programs now.

Anonymous said...

That first teacher needs a spine, and a slap upside the head. Good Luck on your exams.

Victorya said...

Ugh, six hours until exam time (I took the day off of work to study)

I'm actually feeling more confident, And there is a 5 point bonus film question (My undergrad degree is in Film) so I know I'll at least get that (he gave us a clue to it so I think I have it figured out already).

I should probably go get something to eat, my weekend procrastination was to clean my fridge, it needed it.

thanks for the well-wishes!

Jessica Weisenfels said...

My husband had an idiot teacher this summer (btw, my husband is a full time year round college student), this teacher taught a five week class with exactly the same amount of presentations and other assignments that she assigns over the course of a regular semester. Okay, idiot was not the right word...I meant to say:

"My husband had a totally insane teacher this summer..."

Amel's Realm said...

That's GREAT to hear about finding out the clue and getting 5 bonus points! ;-D

Waiting for GOOD news. I'm sure you'll do just FINE. ;-D

Victorya said...

Jessica - the poor husband! the opposite problem of my first stupid teacher.

Ugh, the teacher said he changed the test last minute (and didn't tell us) from problem solving to essay writing so it was a lot more detailed on the processes BEHIND the calculations. There were some definitions I totally blanked on but overall think I did well. I did get a major crink in my neck and from leaning hunched over the test for 2 1/2 hours though, but will deal.

Overall, with the bonus question, I think I did well enough to get the reimbursement from work :) Thanks again for the well-wishes!

Amel's Realm said...


Hey, it's unfair of your teacher to do such a thing. Hunching over for 2.5 hours? UUUUHHH...glad at last it's OVER, though. ;-D

fishwithoutbicycle said...

GOOD LUCK!!!!!! Fingers crossed for you. Let us know how it goes. F