Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sunday Special: Meowza

Today I’d like to present to you an amazing artist, known worldwide as one name only, Meowza.

This cool cat has been jamming on, a mainly photoshop arts site, since 2003 laying down awesome photo chops and even more amazing drawings coming straight from his own mind (or headbone, as the kitty might say). I’m really partial to his early ones, such as Anniversary and victory where it seems as though the kitty is playing with styles. However his style quickly solidified and has become a standout ever since. Just look at the following:

But what first brought my attention to this artist were a series of cartoons based on a little stuffed kitty with hollow eyes by the name of – yup – Meowza. Many of them are on his old blog, and you can see the progression away from the story of a girl and her stuffed kitty and on to more painful subject matters, as raw and passionate as the kitty himself.

There is a whole treasure trove of images at his portfolio and many cartoons at his old blog, so go have some Sunday Special time and check him out.

If you have a site you think would make Sunday Special, please leave me a link. This is something I'd like to continue each Sunday. Be it filled with cuteness, happiness, awesome artwork, or just plain positive energy feel free to let me know! Anything that would be of interest on a lazy hazy Sunday morning is up for review.

Happy Sunday!

Note: All images copyright Meowza and/or Meowza/Worth1000


Amel's Realm said...

VERY VERY interesting. I followed the link to the iamjapanese blog and it's SO different from anything I've ever seen. THANKS for sharing this! ;-D

Victorya said...

I think Meowza is awesome, the comics are so great and there is so much to them - I can just stare and stare all day.

Chewy said...

Thanks for another Sunday Special. Meowza is certainly talented with Photoshop.

Amel's Realm said...

Yeah, I bookmarked the page 'coz I wanna read them all bit by bit. There are SO MANY already he he he...