Monday, August 27, 2007

So Much To Say, So Little Focus

Photo by Anthony M. from Rome, Italy

I haven’t answered my doorbell (actually, more like a buzzer. Or, more appropriately, like that part in Dumb and Dumber when Jim Carey makes the most annoying sound in the world, that’s my doorbell) in maybe a month. It could be longer, or a little less.

At first I was just tired. I was in school two nights a week, working 6 days a week, and dealing with an elderly neighbor who didn’t understand what ‘no’ meant. She kept calling and ringing my bell because of computer issues. Like, she didn’t know how to turn it on, turn it off, plug it in. I hooked her up, helped her fill out rebate forms, taught her how to open Word, etc., then told her I was really busy. But alas, in the end I just stopped answering my door.

For about two weeks every day there’d be the buzz. I really do hate that sound. Still, I left it unanswered. Then, another elderly neighbor ran into me in the hallway – she was the one who had been buzzing my doorbell. She had a gift she wanted to give me for helping her out while she was in the hospital. I felt bad that I’d been ignoring her rings for the past couple weeks.

But still, I’m not answering it. I haven’t talked to my therapist about this, but I talked to Xiomara. She summed it up easily.

“I don’t answer it either,” she said. “Because it’s quiet, and then, it’s just not.”

It’s the ‘just not’ that I don’t like.

When the buzzer sounds, lately, I’ve been jumpy. So whatever I’m doing in my nice quiet apartment is disturbed, and I leap, and my heart races. Then, I get mad at the person on the other side of the buzzer and just refuse to answer because of that. Plus, I’m not expecting anyone, so figure there’s no reason for anyone to ring my bell. If I had ordered a pizza or something, I’d answer. But I’m not. Instead, my silence is being disturbed.

Anyway, so after my grandmother post I started thinking about her so sent her a little note. A really little note, tiny in fact. Co-workers weren’t sure the post office would mail something that small. It was just a little ‘thinking of you’ note to let them know I care.

I received back a three page letter, very sweet, very affirming. Very interesting, in that she mentioned my mother went to their house a couple times asking about me. She lives about three hours away from them last I knew. She was thrown out of their property, and they didn’t say anything. But it’s interesting that she even went there in the first place. . .

At least it didn’t lead to as many nightmares as I thought it might. I did have a dream that she came to my door and was banging on it, I screamed at her to leave me alone and then called 911. There was another dream, unsettling, but mainly just another ‘trapped with her’ dream. But, I was still able to sleep (without the aid of Ambien) so – improvement!


Amel's Realm said...

HURRAAAAYYYY for your improvement, Vic!

Yeah, I know it's annoying to be bothered when we need silence.

Oh yeah, and I'm happy that you got a sweet letter from your granny! ;-D

Shrink Wrapped Scream said...

Ooooh, God preserve us from needy neighbours! I had to remove a post about "nutty Nora" (too scared she might find it one day and track me down and slaughter me). I know all about hiding behind the doorbell (I even hid under the hedge in the back garden once, but the kids answered the door and gleefully led her round to me anyway..) Here's to our space, and to claiming whats ours. ((hugs))

Liss said...

with me it's the telephone - hate it. And it does the same thing to me.

Victorya said...

Liss! Good to see you. And glad to know I'm not the only one that doesn't like loud noises :)

Amel - yeah, I slep, improvement! Now to write my gramma back. . .

And Shrink - I wish I had a chance to read that post. I'm young in an old person's building, sometimes it gets to be a bit much.

fishwithoutbicycle said...

I have these moments too. I have a neighbor that often pops down to ask for help and she is lovely, and most of the time I do help her out, but sometimes I just need my own space, so I'll ignore the doorbell if it's been multiple times in a week or if it's after 10pm and I'm just home from work. Sometimes we just need our space.