Saturday, August 11, 2007

Keeping up with the Memes

Many thanks to Michelle of Crow's Feet for nominating me as a Rocking Girl Rocker! See the pretty badge? Thank you so much! And I do so love pink. There are just too many to nominate any one. Hopefully I'll update my blogroll one day (which might take as long as this took, yikes!) but each and everyone one of you guys totally rocks!

Now, I know I also got a couple Blogging Tips tags. But, honestly, I feel so new to this the only tip I really have it to 'blog honestly' so don't feel I have much to offer in forms of tips at this point.

Amel also tagged me with the Courageous Blogger Award, the rules as follows:

1) If you have received an award simply choose either the dark or light background image and save it to your files, then post it proudly on your blog!

2) Pass the award on to five other people, you can choose any of the awards from the series, you do not have to pass out the exact award you received. Choose whichever of the awards that you'd like to give out. You can give out one of each or five of the same one, whatever you prefer.

3) You can change the size and color of awards to suit your blog, that's up to you, it's your blog, just leave the titles the same.

4) Please link back to this post so that people can read these rules and so that the meanings of the awards will not be lost.

5) If you feel that you or a friend are deserving of an award and no one has given one to you yet then email me at sayhitochristy(at) and tell me about your website.

For my five:

David of authorblog is probably the reason why the Thoughtful Blogger Award was created. I can think of noone more helpful and encouraging to new bloggers out there. I'm happy to be under his wing - and with all the other bloggers under there, he must have some wingspan!
Cherished is an amazingly courageous blogger, looking stigma right in the eye and refusing to blink. As is Jason as he deals with his mental illness. It may be a relatively new blog (started last month I beleive) but no less worth a read. Let's hope he stays with it!

Which brings me to Jessica whose stories of her family are just so friggin funny and definately 'uplifting' as the inspirational blogger award calls for.

And, who can be more inspirational than a Spy Bear such as Bob? He tackles many adventures nose on and I'd love to be like him when I grow up. Or perhaps I can convince him I'm Lisa Simpson and get a bear hug one day. You know Bob, I am only a few degrees from Lisa? A former boss who gave me my bike, well, her father is in the Simpson's orchestra. . . .

These things aren't easy, are they?


cherished79 said...

Thank you very much for the award, what a special feeling it gives me. My blog is very important to me as it is ME. As is your blog, is you. I firstly do it for me, but then when the comments and feedback arrive it makes it so worthwhile.


Victorya said...

yeah! you found it before I could go around to people's blogs (I have a final on Monday I'm TRYING to study for, lol)

Anyway, definately deserved, what can be more courageous than to face yourself?

david mcmahon said...

Dear Victorya,

First, good luck for the final - I'm sure you'll come through with flying colours.

Second, my word - thank you from the bottom of my heart for the nomination. It means a great deal to me, as you can imagine.

You, however, are the real heroine, because of the issues you tackle and the candour with which you write about them. You certainly are a rocking girl blogger.

And Deb and BTBear - it is an honour to know them and to read the work.

Good luck, stay in touch and God bless.


Amel's Realm said...

GOOD LUCK for your final, Vic!!! ;.D

YES, that's SO true: facing yourself is the most courageous thing you can do, esp. the dark shadows of yourself he he he...Have a BLESSED Sunday, Vic!

Michelle said...

That Rockin girl award is just the most AMAZING pink, isn't it?

You deserve every award you've been given.


Jessica Weisenfels said...

Thank you.


Angel of Delusion said...

Another meme that I thought you would enjoy participating. This one is for priceless experiences in the place that you live.

I enjoy your posts and thought you would have an interesting perspective.

By the way, I couldn't help referencing one of your posts earlier this month because I agree wholeheartedly.

Visit my blog for more information on the meme.