Friday, October 19, 2007

Christmas Card

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I thought this one looked like a nice Christmas Card. I don't know if the red berries on the tree are visible at all.

Last night we had to work late, got home just in time to fall asleep and then had to be to work early today. I was able to get out to see my therapist earlier in the week though, despite the hectic schedule and school.

"So, what about that letter from your Uncle struck you the most?" She asked.

"That he said he was my uncle, and that he called me his neice," I replied.

I can't beleive how long it's been since there's been any familial connection. I can't beleive I cried when I read it. Being a friend is great, but being called a neice? It was surreal in a good way.


Amel's Realm said...

Hi, Vic!

YES I can see the berries!!! And yeah, it has a X-mas feel to it indeed. ;-D I always LOVE pics of lamp-posts. ;-D

Ohhhh...busy week, eh? Hope you enjoy your relaxing weekend then! ;-D

I'm HAPPY for you about your getting the letter from your uncle, Vic. :-)))))))

Victorya said...

Amel - my weekend is busy too, might have to come in, have to go do other stuff. Ugh.

And thanks for the happiness! I have to write him back now :)

Amel's Realm said...

Ahhhh...too bad about being busy. Hope you catch plenty of ZZZZZ though so you're fresh on Monday! ;-D

Yeah, I bet your uncle's gonna be happy to get it from you! ;-D

Shrink Wrapped Scream said...

Yes, it could easily make a good Christmas card - sweet!

Sadly, whether we want them to or not, blood ties always call out the loudest to us, it's a connection as to who we are. I hope this uncle is less damaged than your mother, and proves to be someone warm in your life.

Take some rest when you can, you work too hard!

Hammer said...

That is a nice pic. It remids me of the old timey Christmas cards we used to get.

Victorya said...

Shirnk - they do, don't they? But at least an Aunt sent me a family photo - I'm 1 years old. It's interesting really, kind of a , "just before the storm hits" thing. Plus, while at first I thought how cute and smiling we all were, looking closer you see the tears in our clothes and such.

Hammer- thanks! it reminded me of that too. I liked those older cards.