Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Truth is Out There

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My favorite of the night-time shots I took. Sums up how I feel sometimes. That the truth, civilization, life, is just across this vast expanse of water and I'm figuring out a way to get there. But again, sometimes, more often than before I feel like I am with 'the lights' and friends. Heck, I've even gotten a second letter from a person who says he's an uncle (and he's not asking for money! Every other relative that's come out of the woodwork has then asked for money).

Thanks to all my blogging friends :) I feel evolution.


Amel's Realm said...

OOHHHHH MYYYY...INCREDIBLE pic!!! I understand why it's your fave, Vic!

Glad to hear that uncle didn't ask for money!

THANKS to you, too, Vic, for having been my blogging friend. Indeed, I also feel evolution ever since I blogged.

Cheers to evolution!!!! ;-D

david mcmahon said...

Three days, three marvellous posts and three terrific pictures.

May I take a moment of reflected pride in what you do?

Anonymous said...

"Evolution" is a fitting word for me too. My paintings are evolving.

This is up-lifting.

fishwithoutbicycle said...

WOW!!! That photo has some serious impact. I love it. I can't put my finger on what it is about it, but it really grabs me. Beautiful!!

Victorya said...

Amel - *clinkc glass* definate cheers to evolution!

David - thank you so much for your encouragment and blog, had you not mentioned doing photography when times are busy for writing (to someone else I think), these shots wouldn't have been taken.

Chewy - yeah! Isn't evolution grand?

Fish - glad you like it! IT speaks to me too.