Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Photo copyright: Victoryachasegoestotherapy.blogspot.com

My camera, my beautifully red and slim camera, apparently has a reformat button which apparently deletes everything on the memory card and apparently is quite easy to accidently hit.

This is a slightly older pic, a couple months, from a walk in the park near my house. Now, that's a boa, and no it's not loose in the park. The person I was walking with is the owner of the snake and we were taking it for a walk.

You get a lot of double-takes when you are taking a snake out for a walk. Puppies have children running up to you, snakes have macho men trying to touch it (without asking first) and saying, "Oh, DAMN!" a lot.

She's actually a sweetie, very patient, and on the few walks we've been on together, some longer than others, has yet to go to the bathroom on her owner. She's also curious and I think I've noticed a sense of humour in her eyes on more than one occassion. Who knew?


Anonymous said...

Once I met a friend at a bar for drinks. As time went by I noticed she had a bag on the stool next to her. "What's in the bag?", I asked.

She pulled out her python - in the bar - and we suddenly had a mob around us touching the snake. It's a better attention getter than a dog.

Hammer said...

I wonder if they need a leash?

Amel's Realm said...


GREAT pic but I'm afraid of snakes he he he he...A snake with a sense of humour, eh? Yeah, who knew? ;-D

Victorya said...

Chewy - snakes are certainly conversation starters! If I had time for a pet, maybe I'd get one? I hear they can bet trained too through vibrations (tapping on the floor, head, etc.)

Hammer - I can't even imagine what the leash would look like :)

Amel - Yeah, this one's a sweetie. I'm still a bit nervy around it though, fangs and all that.

~Deb said...

Really nice shot- including the background which meshes in so well!

Dennis said...

its sort of interesting to know that someone has snake as a pet. Amamzing !!