Monday, September 3, 2007

More Tags!

I missed Sunday!

Actually, I tried in the morning but my net wasn't too happy (dial-up) then I got caught up in things (cleaned my bedroom, yeah!)

So now to clean house on the blog :)

Amel from Amel's Realm gave me the Blogging Star Award, and on the day of one of my hardest to write posts!
I bestow it to:

Rachelle of Pasture Musings for many many reasons, but people really should check out her adventures in Alpaca land! It's a rollercoaster of a read, with a lot of sweet fuzzies in the mix.

Carol Cooper for just awesomeness, I love her blog and support

and Chewy, definately an inspiration as I continue my blogging.

Amel has also bestowed on my a wonderful award, the I <3>


And one more from Amel! She's is just such an amazingly nice and giving blogger, never gives me a chance to give her these awards :p
This award was created by Bella Enchanted who says,

"This award will be awarded to those that are just nice people , good blog friends and those that inspire good feelings and inspiration! Those that care about others that are there to lend support or those that are just a positive influence in our blogging world!"

and definately goes to everyone who reads my blog and keeps me going on a day to day basis!

And finally, one last Meme, this time from the Angel of Delusion. This is Seven Priceless Experiences and a chance to talk about where you live. Here are seven things I love about New York:

1. The People. There is a reason the newest slogan is something like 'Ask A Local.' New Yorkers, real New Yorkers, are great. Whenever lost I have been able to ask someone for help. They pick you up when you fall. In fact, if you are treated rudely in New York it's generally a tourist, or someone who only works in NYC and lives elsewhere. It seems like they come here expecting to be treated bad and thus do it first.

2. The Subways. Okay, sometimes I get a bit claustrophobic down there, like during rush hour when it stops and the light goes out, but for the most part it's fast and affordable. For only 76$ I have my transportation paid for the month and can go anywhere in the city or boroughs. Plus, you meet a lot of people down there. I've had so many interesting conversations with random people, it's great.

3. The Food. Except for Stroopwafels and Hopjes, which unfortunately I love but fortunately aren't the healthiest snack anyway, I have been able to find everything I wanted here. From Durian and Lychee to marzipan, blood orange gelato and beyond we've got it. There are so many cultures represented that there is bound to be a section somewhere focusing on their cuisine. Lately I've been on a Tandoori Kick and able to choose from a few different places around work alone. And right now I'm drinking blueberry juice as I type.

4. The Parks. One day I have to post up some pictures, I even have one taken off the roof. We have so many parks, Central, Riverside, Washington Square, Fort Tryon, Inwood Hill - to name a few. And they are all gorgeous and a great place to walk through and unwind while seeing interesting outside performers and listening to live performances.

5. The Animals. I love animals, and it seems like every other person has a dog. One of my favorite memories in New York is watching this big bulky guy walking down the street in front of me. He has the swagger, the giant puffy coat that makes him look even big, and from the back just looks all Hip-Hop tough. When I pass him I see he is walking his dog - a maltese. You just can't really match the dog to the person here. While most are small dogs, due to the nature of city life, they are still omnipresent. Chi's are popular, and I've had more then one person tell me they trained their dog to use a litter box (works with female dogs only).

6. The Art. I love the Cloister's, the medevil arts museum. But the Met, the Moma, the Museum of Natural History, the Museum of the Chinese American Experience - all wonderful. Any museum you could want is somewhere either on the main island or a borough. I've even been to the Comic Arts Museum, the Bible Museum, Museum of the Moving Image - the list goes on. Wonderful way to spend your day.

7. The Plays. I remember thinking these were expensive once, all the big budget Broadway plays. And they are, the big budget ones. BUT if you are flexible you can see a lot of stuff for free. I'm an audience filler, so have seen a number of wonderful shows I wouldn't have even thought of seeing before, and for free! I loved the Great American Trailer Park Musical, and just saw Bi-Partisan Bashing which had my friend and I in stitches. Through the Fringe Festival I was able to see a brilliant show by an Austrailian Troupe, Stuck Pigs Squealing, that led to an interest in Ern Malley.

Anyone who wishes to share 7 things about there home is encouraged to do so! Thank so much to Amel and Angela for these tags.


Amel's Realm said...

Ah, I hate it when I can't get online he he he...even though it makes me suddenly have PLENTY more time to do other stuff he he...

WOW!!! Reading about NY makes me drool. I've only read about it in the chicklits I've translated. I read A LOT about the Met in one Chicklit series I translated. However, I never thought there'd be THAT many museums. OOOHHHHHH...*stunned*

I thought that New Yorkers weren't helpful. Glad you've rectified my view. ;-D

HOPJES? YOU MEAN THE SWEET?!?!?!?! My grandma (Dad's Mom) used to offer us Hopjes whenever we visited her years and years back. She LOVES that candy. So whenever somebody mentions Hopjes, I'm ALWAYS reminded of my grandma. ;-D

Parks...ohhhhh I LOVE big parks!!!

You could watch plays GRATIS?!?!?! I ENVY you, Vic!!! Wish I could watch one at least for free he he he he...I've never really watched any plays, but I'm interested in watching one.

After reading your description of New York, no wonder one of my friends wants to relocate there he he he he...

Helena said...

oHHH wow!

THANKS! My first award!
Bob, mind you, has couple already. He is such a talented little Bear. I hope it doesn't go to his head!


Victorya said...

AMel - yeah, I love hopjes! They are good, but I can't find them around here at all. And the gratis plays are great. Granted, some are bed (and I've walked out on a couple) but it's a nice option to have. I have even been able to see some of the 'big' productions that way (Chicago, Annie Get Your Gun)

Victorya said...

And well deserved Helena! I do love visiting your blog!

I know this blog might be a bit much for Bob, but he definately makes me smile :) I also hope he takes it in stride.

Amel's Realm said...

Yeah, my Mom was craving for hopjes last year, so when she heard my friend was visiting Indo from Holland, she immediately thought of asking for hopjes. And so my Mom got what she wished for. The best hopjes ever from Holland. In Indo there weren't any good hopjes like the ones in my grandma's age anymore.

WOW!!! It's a PRIVILEGE to see major plays like the ones you mentioned!!! ;-D

Chewy said...

Wow! Thanks for the Blogging Star Award. I am having a great week.

Well, except for, ummm, breaking the laser printer at work. Ugh! I learned you can't run acetate through the heater, it melts.

Angel of Delusion said...

Thanks for sharing your experiences with New York. It makes me want to come for a visit. I would love to see a play for free. How do you get that arranged!!

Also, I can't believe you can get Durian. Actually, I don't like Durian, the smell makes me queasy so I've never eaten the ripe fruit. I did try Durian chips once which are made from unripened Durian and they tasted just like potatoe chips.

Since you have some experience with Broadway musicals perhaps you will consider participating in a little contest I'm holding. Read about it at my blog: