Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sunday Special: Ugly Overload

Everyone loves cute. There is even now 'the culture of cute' with Hello Kitty as the leader. Kittens, puppies, baby ducks. All are so wonderful! It's a survival technique in the time of man. We want to save the whales, save the baby seals, but what of the less than fuzzy animals? What happens to the blobfish and star-nosed mole? Where are they in our charity fund-raisers?

Nowhere, because they just aren't cute.

But they are incredibly interesting! Thus, we have Ugly Overload. A site devoted to these creatures that we may not want to snuggle up to at night, but we should respect none-the-less. While some may be conventionally ugly, slimy, and downright frightening they are always intriguing.

The short posts on this blog contain a picture, usually a little background information on the animal of the day, and a link or two to other sites for further exploration. It is the site's motto not to show diseased animals, but those that are just the way nature made them (though they have posted a couple unique diseases on there as well).

So if you like nature and the way that different creatures have evolved to fit into their surroundings, this is the site for you. If you want to broaden your horizons, realize that just because something isn't cute doesn't mean it isn't worthwhile, then head on over to Ugly Overload and make your Sunday Special.

If you have a site you think would make Sunday Special, please leave me a link. This is something I'd like to continue each Sunday. Be it filled with cuteness, happiness, awesome artwork, or just plain positive energy feel free to let me know! Anything that would be of interest on a lazy hazy Sunday morning is up for review.

Happy Sunday!!

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