Thursday, September 13, 2007

Show Me Your Security Blanket

I always loved Linus from Peanuts. Next to Snoopy and Woodstock, he was among my favorite of the characters. He was the most passionate, even-keeled, theologically versed and - he was never afraid to show his need for his security blanket. It went with him everywhere (except for when his sister took it away or it was washday). There is nothing afraid with realizing you need something to lean on, even if it's a peice of cloth.

Yesterday the comments turned to security blankets, and how it seems most people have them. Of course, it need not always be a physical blanket. When I was little, I did hide under my ratty old yellow blanket. I'd pull it up at night and grip the smooth trim until my knuckles turned white. But, I couldn't bring it to school so had a mini-Bible I always kept in my pocket, thinking it would protect me from all the perils of an urban public school.

Now, I have an awesome blanket that I've had since highschool. Lovingly 'borrowed' from my brother and never given back. My brother came back from his first stint in the military with quite a few blankets, many harsh wool. But then he had these really smooth ones, I don't know the material, but it was the same stuff that trimmed my yellow blanket. Two of them went to college with me. One was tan and super long, like it was a 'remainder.' It was the length of about two people (but the width of only one). When we watched movies in the dorm, one person could be laying on the bed completely covered and the other sitting on the floor with the rest of the blanket wrapped around them.

The other is my green one. This is the one that remains long after the other disappeared, or was reclaimed. At one point it had stuffing, or, 'batting' inside. However, multiple washings left it lumpy. In an effort to save the blanket I performed a makeshift 'battingectomy' and, cutting a small hole at the seam, turned it inside out, removed all the stuffing, and then righted it again. Now, it may be thinner than my sheets, but it's still my blankie.

This is the blanket that is on my bed 24/7. It may look ratty, but it's clean! And it's still smooth and soft, and still strong enough to keep the monsters at bay. Whenever Penny would curl up next to me, I tucked her in under this blanket. In Winter of Summer this is the blanket that, even if I'm not wrapped up in it, is at my side.

So now, tell me about your security blanket (even if not blanket related). You can link here, or just drop me a line and I'll check it out.

Viva La Blankie!

(Yes, I threw it in the air and snapped a shot as it fell on my head, covering me with blanket love)


Amel's Realm said...

HE HE HE...VIVA LA Blankie indeed! ;-D

I'm gonna write up a post about it and link it to you. ;-D

Amel's Realm said...

Vic, here's my Ex Security Blanket post:

My Ex Security Blanket

david mcmahon said...

Linus was my favourite as well. Blanie and all!

Liss said...

my security blanket

There ya go. See what you made me go do?

I luuuuuuuuuuuuuv Linus

Victorya said...

Amel and Liss - great reads both! Thanks for sharing.

David - Linus just rocks, the heart and soul of the Peanuts Gang.

Patricia Singleton said...

I don't have a security blanket and didn't as a child. When I started working on my incest issues for the first time, I did buy myself a teddy bear and a small panda bear that used to share the bed with my husband and I for a few years. My husband was great and didn't tease me about them. I still have them even though I don't sleep with them any more.