Sunday, September 9, 2007

Sunday Special: Bob T. Bear (esq)

What could make a Sunday more Special than by spending it with a pants obsessed chocolate peanut loving Bear currently stationed in the United Kingdom? Not much, that's for sure. Hence today's Sunday Special Bob's Diary. (Bob, I took that picture above special for you.)

I'll be honest. It took me a bit to get into the writings of this bear, as they write phonetically. But, once past the small language bearier I was able to fully enjoy all this bear has to offer. And if you think those bears you have lying around your house are idle all day, let this one set you straight.

It was through Bob that I learned the UK Charmin puts pictures of bears on their toilet paper. Excuse me? No God-fearing American would ever whipe themselves with any printed TP (in fact, I've never seen anything but plain white TP sold, except through the internet). But imagine to wake up one day and see pictures of your genus on something that gets flushed away? Well, Bob wouldn't let that go buy without speaking up. He's a leader, that one.

Bob also has a slight obses- er- interest in pants. Apparently, in non-America land, pants are what we call underpants, so to speak so openly about shopping for pants is curiously tittilating as one imagines satin and lace rather than twill and cotton.

There is so many more facets to Bob than what I have typed in here. So go check it out, and make your Sunday Special.

If you have a site you think would make Sunday Special, please leave me a link. This is something I'd like to continue each Sunday. Be it filled with cuteness, happiness, awesome artwork, or just plain positive energy feel free to let me know! Anything that would be of interest on a lazy hazy Sunday morning is up for review.

Happy Sunday!!


B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Oh my! Oh my! I I I WOW! Hehhee!
WOW! Thank yu! I've gon all unnessersery now...hehehe...'s like bein tickold....heheee...thank yu, Victorya, yu've cheerd me up!


BTW, did yu follow that sine?


Chewy said...

Cheers and nose hugs for Bob T. Bear!

Me too asking, "Did you follow that sign?"

Bob even has a cute sign off icon thingy in his comment. He's Cute and Nerdy!

Victorya said...

I DID follow the sign and was disappointed to find it another touristy store - all shirts and caps that said "I love NY" and stuff. No interesting pants at all.

Though there is a shop I've come across called 'Britches' - I never see the R on first glance. Perhaps I should take a photo of that as well.

fishwithoutbicycle said...

Hi Victorya, not only do we have printed loo paper, but it also comes in different colours. S'amazing!! If your bathroom is mint green you can buy matching loo paper, I think they also sell pale blue and pale pink. It's all very sophisticated ;-) I remember an Irish friend of mine being most disgruntled that you couldn't buy coloured loo paper in the US ;-)