Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sunday Special: Fruit Species

One summer I decided I wanted to try new foods. I bugged all my friends to tell me about traditional fruits from their homes and find some to bring me. Thus, I was able to try Cebu dried mango straight from the Phillipines, Durians, Lychee, and mangosteen among other culinary adventures. It was a great summer.

In my quest to find out 'what I'm missing' and enlighten my mind and pallette I came across a wonderful site, Fruit Species.

Fruit Species is a wonderful blog that highlights those fruits that may not have the press they deserve. There, one can learn about the succulence of the Longan and the unique nature of the Soursop - a fruit I'd never heard of before.

For those who like new and intriguing fruits, head on over to Fruit Species and make your Sunday Special.

If you have a site you think would make Sunday Special, please leave me a link. This is something I'd like to continue each Sunday. Be it filled with cuteness, happiness, awesome artwork, or just plain positive energy feel free to let me know! Anything that would be of interest on a lazy hazy Sunday morning is up for review.

Happy Sunday!!

(image source: Tomomarusan)


Sue said...

The pomegranet is very good for health it contains much of vitamines

Amel's Realm said...

Hey, I LOVE Soursop, lychee, and longan! We have plenty of them in Indo! Too bad there aren't any over here he he he...

Victorya said...

I love lychee, but never had the other two! I want to try them :)

Fruit species said...

Thank you for your wonderful write-up. There are a lot of exotic fruits which are difficult to find in the States.